002: Top reasons why coaches fail

Welcome to Issue 002!

These are the picks for this week.


The anatomy of a killer sales page — How to tune up your sales page to increase your sales and ranking at the same time. (Hoth)

Cold email training — Learn about the best practices, tooling, and how to nail your email copy to get the attention of your prospects. (Palabra)

The strategy successful creators use to build trust — People do business with people they know, like, and trust. This strategy will help you become that person for your audience. (Ghost)


Active reading: how to become a better reader — Becoming better at writing starts with reading. Highly effective readers use these mental processes to retain more of the information and make the new acquired knowledge more useful. (Ness Labs)

Wistia’s guide to video gear: three setups for any budget — You can make amazing videos no matter what your budget for gear might be. (Wistia)


Top 3 reasons why coaches fail — Learn what tiny actions you can take to overcome the overwhelm and get your business running more efficiently and profitably than it ever has before. (Paul Thomson)


Increasing page views and reducing bounce rates for your website — Users who stay on your site longer and view more pages are more likely to become customers. (WPBeginner)

How to design better presentation slides — Learn the ropes and basics to help you craft slides that look professional. (Stephanie Walter)


How to create the perfect daily schedule — Schedule your energy, not your time. And don’t forget to take breaks. (Doist)

Vanity metrics — Three frameworks to uncover whether the goal you're focusing on is worthwhile so you can make better use of your time. (Julian Shapiro)

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