003: Accelerated learning

Welcome to Issue 003! These are the top links for this week.


10 memorable copywriting examples — A huge part of selling is figuring out the right words to communicate your product or service. Take inspiration from these examples of great copywriting. (Active Campaign)

7 Facebook ad mistakes you can’t afford to make — Running ads for your course or other products? Here’s are some mistakes to avoid. (The Hoth)


Wistia’s guide to podcast gear: three setups for any budget — Whatever your budget might be, take a look at the best gear to fit your audio needs. (Wistia)


Accelerated learning — You can train your brain to retain knowledge and insight better by understanding how you learn. (Farnam Street)


Video call checklist — Having a great video call doesn't have to be hard. This guide provides simple research-backed tips to improve your video call experience. (VCC)

Getting started with Zapier — If you don’t use Zapier already, it’s a tool for connecting all your different apps together. It helps you save time by automating a lot of manual work. This webinar gives you a quick start. (Zapier)


What I do when it feels like my work isn’t good enough — Learn how to deal with self-doubt on your journey in work and life. (James Clear)

What a 13th-century monk can teach us about managing information overload — Whether you’re a scholar in the Middle Ages or a modern-day knowledge worker, the first step is to get organized. (Atlassian)

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