004: A lazy content creation system

Welcome to Issue 004! These are the top links for this week.


10 lead generation tactics that work — Getting more leads is important because it gives you the ability to nurture your relationship with potential customers and bring them closer to buying your product or service (Ahrefs).

5 concepts that will unlock Twitter success for you — The key to Twitter success is to understand a few core concepts and let them guide your activity on your platform. (Josh Spector)


26 tips on how to manage content as a one-person marketing team — Lifting the lid on how I plan, produce and promote my newsletter + podcast. (Jason Bradwell)

A ‘lazy’ content creation system that fits quality writing into your busy schedule — Your content marketing plan shouldn’t be a marathon or a sprint. It should be a simple relay race. (Copyblogger)


The ultimate guide to creating transformational online coaching courses — How to impact hundreds of coaching clients year after year that create real results. (Evercoach)


Choosing an email marketing platform — Email marketing is easy to manage, gives you full control, and allows you to establish a direct contact with your customers. Here’s what to look out for when choosing a platform. (WPBeginner)


How to think clearly — By learning to question and clarify your thoughts, you’ll improve your self-knowledge and become a better communicator. (Psyche)

The ultimate productivity hack is saying no — It's worth asking if things are necessary. Many of them are not, and a simple “no” will be more productive than whatever work the most efficient person can muster. (James Clear)

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