005: Deploy empathy

Welcome to Issue 005! These are the top links for this week.


Quick fixes for solving your website’s conversion problem — Your website is a major sales channel. Here are 12 fixes you can make to ensure it converts enough visitors to buyers. (Growth Tactics)

Deploy empathy — Before launching any product (including your course), it’s helpful to first spend time talking to your target audience. It’s how you avoid building things people don’t want. This book is a practical guide to interviewing customers. (Michele Hansen)


How to interview someone for an article — Interviewing doesn’t always come naturally. It can be intimidating, time-consuming, and awkward. Learn four simple strategies to make interviewing easier for you. (Animalz)


Three principles of transformational coaching Coaching is about creating real, lasting change for your clients. Learn three principles that will help you deliver results. (Evercoach)


How to setup lighting for your videos — Learn the basics of the three-point lighting system to get your videos looking professional. (Wistia)

Then look at this for lighting tips that require less expensive gear.

Edit your videos by editing text — Typestudio is a video editing tool that works right in your web browser and allows you easily edit videos just by editing the text. It also supports transcription and subtitles. (Typestudio)


Why jumping between tasks is killing your productivity and what you can do about it — How to design your workday in a way that allows for longer, more productive periods of focus. (Rescue Time)

How to remember what you read — Consuming information is not the same as acquiring knowledge. Learn the strategies for getting more out of what you read. (Farnam Street)

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