007: Psychology for copywriting

Welcome to Issue 007! These are the top links for this week.

πŸ’° Selling

26 ways to use psychology in your copywriting β€” How to write not deceiving copy, but copy that harmonizes with your readers' brains to deliver more attractive, enjoyable, and effective content. (Wordstream)

How to create a winning content strategy β€” A content strategy helps ensure that you’re creating content for the right audience, in the right format, for the right channel. (Ahrefs)

πŸ“š Content

Live streaming 101 β€” Follow the tips in this checklist to improve your live streaming experience and reduce the chances of something going wrong. (Restream)

How to screen record for more personal and engaging videos β€” Recording your screen is amazing for creating instructional visuals and recording professional presentations. (Biteable)

⚑️ Impact

How to build an online community around your content β€” Community is a key part of online learning. Use this six-step process to build an online community your members will love. (Ghost)

πŸ›  Technical

Manage your operations β€” A lot of work goes into managing an online teaching business. Airtable lets you manage and automate your workflows without having to hire a coder. Here’s a quick tutorial to get started. (Airtable)

☘️ Productivity

Self-efficacy: A psychological trick to β€˜hack’ your focus and motivation β€” Once you learn to systematically develop your self-efficacy at work, you can chart a path towards more confidence, focus, and motivation.  (Rescue Time)

How to get in the flow β€” Have you ever felt like you were in a zen-like meditative state while working, mentally free to execute and apply your skills with no distracting thought whatsoever inside your mind? (Ness Labs)

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