008: Video scripts + exciting news πŸŽ‰

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πŸŽ‰ Before I dive in, I’ve got some exciting news to share. The Cline beta is now live! Host live video classes, group chat, and recorded content for your course in one place. You can quit juggling many tools and get started for free here.

These are the top links for this week.

πŸ’° Selling

The anatomy of a perfect homepage β€” The homepage is often the first impression your website visitors will see of your brand. Learn some of the best practices for writing an effective homepage that gets you more sales. (The Hoth)

Privacy’s impact on Facebook ad targeting, and 8 tips to succeed β€” Learn what the new privacy policies now mean for your ads and the changes you have to make to still succeed in reaching your target customers. (Wordstream)

πŸ“š Content

How to write a video script that will keep people watching β€” Making a video should always start with writing a good script. (PlayPlay)

How to do voiceovers without hiring a pro β€” Voiceovers convey an extra bit of human touch that really makes a video engaging, communicative, and memorable. (Biteable)

⚑️ Impact

The 5 levers of e-learning design β€” Five ways to continually improve the learning experiences you design to make them more effective. (The eLearning Coach)

πŸ›  Technical

WordPress alternatives β€” You don’t need advanced coding knowledge to build a website; you just need the right tools. (MarketSplash)

A free platform to create your graphics β€” Create your social media graphics, presentations, videos, even PDF reports, and email designs in one place. (Projector)

☘️ Productivity

Digital minimalism β€” How you use your apps and tools can bring you value or be a frustrating distraction. Learn how to clear out your digital clutter so you can find focus and calm. (RescueTime)

How to organize your life β€” Ten principles for organizing your work, home, health, fitness, hobbies, finances, and more. (Doist)

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